In these uncertain times, would you prefer your children be home schooled by one of our preceptors -- a graduate-degree holding humanities educator?

As a parent you are probably facing a number of worries this fall:​

  • If schools open, will the health of my child and our family be safe?

  • If our school goes online, will my children spend hours in front of a screen

  • How will I get my own work done while managing my child’s online learning?

The Domus Academy offers a solution with a long historical precedent. We match your family with a highly trained scholar who provides a personalized, home-based education for your children on location.

Inspired by the Renaissance model in which families hired luminaries to educate their children, we call this the “preceptor system.” Unlike today’s connotation of tutor, which suggests a narrow focus on a single subject, a preceptor guides a child’s overall intellectual development, creating a personalized curriculum to help them reach their full creative and academic potential.


Our preceptors:

  • Are background-checked

  • Hold or are pursuing master’s degrees or PhDs from some of the world’s best universities

  • Work with your child or children in your home (or in an agreed-upon location when more than one family shares a preceptor)

  • Share their passion for learning in a personalized context

  • Receive coaching from a homeschool specialist

  • Can supplement or replace virtual school efforts, which often fail to connect with students

How It Works

Student Age Range

Group Size

Preceptors can work with children from ages pre-K through 12th grade (pre-K students must be potty trained).

A preceptor can work with up to three children of different ages (for example a kindergartener, a 2nd grader and a 6th grader), or with up to 6-8 children within a one-to-two grade band (for example, a group of six 1st and 2nd graders).


A preceptor is a viable alternative for your family considering the cost of alternatives in private education. The price (which will include The Domus Academy’s fees) will vary depending on the length of the desired preceptor day and the credentials of the preceptor. A standard preceptor day is four hours (for example, 9 AM to 1 PM), based on the average time it takes to complete a homeschool curriculum.

will be willing to work traditional school hours (for example, 9 AM to 3 PM), which would include enrichment activities beyond the core curriculum subjects.


Once we pair you with a preceptor, our homeschooling expert will help you and your preceptor create a learning plan for the semester or year that best suits your children’s needs and the preceptor’s strengths. Our homeschooling expert will follow up regularly with each preceptor to provide guidance and support to each learning pod.

Interested in being matched with a preceptor?

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