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If you are finishing your graduate degree this year or recently finished and face a tightened academic job market, or if you have been working as part-time faculty and think there should be a better way to pursue your academic career than serving as an adjunct at multiple institutions, consider becoming a preceptor. As a preceptor, you can earn more and have time to further your scholarly work rather than trying to make ends meet with multiple preps and other side gigs. The preceptor role is designed to have a workload similar to the one you would have as a full-time faculty member at a university, with a competitive income, but teaching younger students.


Applicants must hold a graduate degree in the humanities or social sciences from a research

university or have passed their candidacy exams and must currently live in the United States or in Canada.  If interested, please email us at info@thedomusacademy.com with your CV and an expression of interest, or fill out the form below.

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